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We offer dog sitting in our place, at your home, dog trainingdog walking and additional services.

1. Individual dog sitting in our place

Dog sitting (day + night)
Every other dog
Small dogs to 3 kg
600 CZK
400 CZK
Small dogs 3-10 kg
650 CZK
450 CZK
Medium dogs 10-25 kg
700 CZK
500 CZK
Large dogs over 25 kg
800 CZK
600 CZK

The first dog is that with higher weight. The price of dog sitting shorter than 24 hours is on individual basis.

For female dogs in heat, puppies up to 8 months, unmanageable dogs and for special care (giving medicine on a regular basis), we require additional charge 100 CZK/day.

Dog sitting over night

Dog sitting/night (12 hours)
Every other dog
Dog of any breed
500 CZK
350 CZK

2. Dog sitting at your home

Dog sitting at your home
Dog sitting for max. 6 hours a day
first hour 300 CZK, second 200 CZK and other 100 CZK
Dog sitting over night
1200 CZK

For every commenced hour, we charge 150 CZK/dog.

For more detailed price list of dog sitting see this page. Our terms and conditions you can find here.